Monday, December 21, 2009

After . . .

heeyhoo.. assalamualaikum! this is KHaii_ , White_Angelzzz , and whatever ... and I'm officially online AGAIN after a long period!!

sorry sorry anyway for all the visitors who leave comments and shouts here, because it took so long for me to reply it all because of my hibernation! or, my hiatus, or my... whatever.

Yes. I am already passed a lot of 'section of my life' at all this time.. First, the reason why I hibernate, is the End of Semester Test!! ..Yep, that's a very serious test, and it took two weeks!! two weeks of exhausting test, why it took 2 weeks time? because the test is contain of two 'part', using the case from International Standard School, and the test from the Government. Okay to make it more understandable, the example is.. umm... Physics. at first week we have Physics test with using the case from the International Standard School, and at the second week we have the Physics test using the Government's case.. Well, that's one of the consequence of taking school in such a high school like SMAN 3 Semarang. But hey, although it's sooo hard, difficult, awful, exhausting, it's over already! Yayy... !

After the test is over.. the 11 th grade students went to Bali for 4 days, and the 10 and 12 grade students are having Class Meeting! We have two competitions, Futsal and Rubiks ! and, not as usual, the committee of the Class Meeting is the 10 grade students! I took part too, and get responsibility to manage and coordinate class X-4, so my duty is to make sure X-4 join all the competition. Although it sounds easier than other, actually it's a little bit... troublesome. Because sometimes I feels so worried, and wondering is X-4 join every competition? are they get my SMS-notifications about their session of competition? argh! Plus, aside of being the committee, I also have two remedial at that time, when I supposed to be focused on coordinating the X-4 class. So, I can only coordinate them and tell them when will they should come to the competition via SMS, okay it's not the right way, because SMS are sometimes aren't trustful. But I have no choice! But, alhamdulillah X-4 join all the competition, both Rubiks and Futsal, although they lose and eliminated in all of that competitions, it's okay and just fine for me. Maybe I should say thank you to other committee members, maybe they replaced my duty to call X-4 in their basecamp and order them to take place in the front school yard, where the competitions held. I don't want to be committee again after that.. huh. I felt so irresponsible.

Other days, I took Journalism Training in Karangturi Sport Center, Knights Stadium with two friends from Cemeti (it's SMAN 3 official magazine!). Actually in that day the Class Meeting are still running, but I have no 'job' again because X-4 are already eliminated. Okay maybe its more better if I just stay and helping the other committee.. but Siva and Momi asks me to join them to Knights Stadium. So finally we went there, and you know what, it was such a faarrr 'journey' ! Our taxi's cost to get there reach IDR 45.000 ! But well, then we enter the training with a little lazy and exhausted feelings. At first we don't know when will the training end, so we asks to other participant .. and we're so shocked when we know that the training will over at 16.30 p.m!! We can't stand for that, our house are too far from there.. and our parents will be angry if they know we arrive home too late.. so we decided to get out from there and going home with taxi. huha.

OH, apparently there's other jornalistic training we should go on the next day! but it will be held in the Media Room at school, and it'll only joined by the members of Cemeti, Cinematography, and other extracurricular . At first I am a bit confused.. should join it? but in the end, because my friends in class join it, I decided to join too. It was more interesting and more fun, because there's an acoustic band who make the ambience there aren't boring. beside, our Media Room are so cool! haha.

Well, after Class Meeting is over. The only thing we should worry before the holiday is our Report of Learning ! finally on Saturday, our Class-Trustee gives our score to our parents. I am so worried about two things : about my score of course. and I am so nervous because I should sell Cemeti to the parents in my class!! Huuuffft... although it was so troublesome... I can do it quite well... and alhamdulillah I got a quite nice scores! well.. I guess I need to be more diligent and study harder to make my score become better!

Okay. I have tell you a lot, maybe. So enjoy your holiday, pals! and for u who celebrate Christmas, enjoy! Luv you!