Saturday, February 13, 2010

All The New, All The Unpredictable..

Hi guys, just finally get some time to surf here and again, write about what's going on in my heart and my life. And it's really simple and not really amazing. haha

I just finished my Formative Test. but with lots of unsatisfied able score, although, Alhamdulillah.. I got some satisfied able score, too. In Economics-Accountancy, my beloved teachers Miss Wulan announce that me and my other friend Arlita (she's dam* so smart) get a score of 90! I get shocked when I know that, as I never predict that I will get such a high score on that subject, because I remember that I make lots of mistakes in Financial Reports.. but Alhamdulillah! About the unsatisfied able score so far.. is History, Civics, Physics, and Chemistry. I can't mention what's my score on all that subjects because its my own shame, haha. I hope I can 'repair' all that bad score by study harder, with more exercises.

And do you notice that on 21th February is my birthday? haha. It's just an unimportant intermezzo pals, hehe.

I have some 'mission' now, that 'mission' is I'm not gonna online both in Twitter and Facebook until the day of my birth. Because now I realized that my existence there are not as before. Not much reply, not much greets, whatever. So I decided to stop 'sucking' my mind to that virtual worlds for awhile, trying to concentrate with my students activity, trying to avoiding the chances of being an Internet-freak!. But I can't let my blog abandoned because I have lots to tell. and also I can't leave my Virtual Flights abandoned, because in that game, I've gained so much, such as Gold Member Frequent Flyer, and get quite a high ranks, thanks to my beloveed sister. You should try this game too here. and it's real free.

Tomorrow is the New Year for Chinese right? Gong Xi Fat Chai then! hm. and also, tomorrow some people celebrate the Valentine's Day. But I won't celebrate it because of some personal reason, and no, it's not because I am still single. But, my sister give me chocolates! Yum yum.. !

Oh! And I have two unpredictable things that happened in my life, haha. First, out of the blue, Freddie Highmore was replying my tweets!! Haha okay it's not really bombastic or what, but I feel so surprised when I know that! (this happened before my 'mission' of decreasing twitting and facebook-ing). He wrotes two replies : 'just practice which makes perfect :)' --> to respond my question about how he learn guitar in August Rush, and 'sorry :)'. Quite funny, he says sorry with a smile! and he was replied my tweets in 6.00 a.m. Second, although this events are really not too new, but Overload Romance once tweet me and says that they're open this blog! I am so surprised! although they leave no comments and shouts T T. but it's okay. Because I really adore that band. Their song 'Di Hatiku' is great too !

Now, I also in love with Adhitia Sofyan's song!!! His song are really relaxing and greaaat! First song that I hear is 'Adelaide Sky' in KambingJantan : The Movie, but days ago, when I was listening Prambors Radio, suddenly I catch his another song.. At first I thought 'what song is this? Who's the singer? It's really wonderful!' But somewhat my ears keep listening that song, because it has a very interesting and peaceful tunes, and I somewhat recognized that it's the song of Adhitia Sofyan, and yep its true! It's title are : Blue Sky Collapse by Adhitia Sofyan. I still remember, I was doing my Accountancy homework when I heard that 'unknown song', so I quickly listen to the lyrics, and write it in my Accountancy book! Now I am trying to download some of his song.. any suggestion about which song that I need to download? Let me know, pals.

Okay, that's.. all. All the new, all the unpredictable. Forget all the sadness. Love you!