Saturday, December 04, 2010

Refresh, and Some Outpouring

Just refreshen this journal (?)... I decided to change the whole layout. Include the widgets, which then makes me must enter the link list again ONE BY ONE, LOL. Quiet a much work for me, but I am relieved because it looks as the same as I wanted to^^

Anyways, I think I surpass some links in this re-enter, so if you already put my link on yours then found out that your link are not shown in the 'See Outside'... You MUST let me KNOW. Okay?

It's still a four days left to the end of semester test, and weeell I just take a nice refresh time by online in the laptop and surf the net anyway LOL

Lot of things happen, lot of feelings occured.

Sometimes you need to accept the fact that maybe what makes you suffer are not as as big as the other, especially if (s)he is your own friend, when you want to talk about your problems, you found out that she's not well, so you must deny your feelings and understand her.

Actually I just feel a rather wounded by some reasons, currently.

Is it always me to be the one who understand?
Is it always me who need to be blame?
Is it always me who must pretended?
Is it always me who always swallow that 'Your pain is just the same like me' and acted like 'I am fine, yeah we share the same feelings', but am I always need to stay quiet and shut my mouth, bury all my pains that can not be poured?

Is it always me? Who always listen that 'you need to try if you think it is' and must saying nice solution to you if you saying something like me too?


I wish I can just spit this out, telling how I've tried to do what she said, how I try to understand.

but still it;s really HURTing me.

No it don't breakeven...


Sekar said...

Risa-san, itu lirik paling atas punyanya The Script yang "We Cry" kan? :D

Risa Primawestri said...

hhe, sekar-san tau aja, iyaa itu diambil dari Tumblr graph lagunya^^
Lagunya bagus :D