Friday, November 19, 2010

What? What Happened?

No. It just like I'm abandoning this blog like, forever. #slapped

I don't know. I might blamming my school assignment(s) and maybe my own unsteady-feelings-and-moods-as-a-teenager.

Recently, I'm much more distracted by Fanfiction...

Well. What that maybe happened is... I had done some new collaboration-fanfictions, and then I am distracted by my own laziness and my mood, and then I'm distracted by a One Piece Fanwork Forum Project named Romance Dawn: Indonesian One Piece Fanwork Forum.

Fortunately, and thankfully, me and my friend Amel a.k.a Voc (whom also my collab-partner) can finished the 'buliding' of Romance Dawn and we currently we have... like 32 members already. :D thanks to all the Moderators who 'volunteered' themselves to maintain the forum...
So if you like One Piece and wants to share and discuss about One Piece Fanworks like Fanfics, Fanart, etc. (but yes of course that's not only what you can discuss there anyway :p)

Okay. That's one thing.

Besides that, I am just feeling like, uh myyy why there's a lot of assignment waitingg? #LOL
Like tonight, actually I expected myself to start working on my physics assignment, yea I'm already trying to collect some datas and references, but I think I still not found the appropriate way to make it as the main explanation of my topics: 'Society's Role in Developing Cultural-Politics'
Oh, I really don't know what's my teachers expectation with giving this such assignment to an unsteady-teenager-student, like me. But thankfully again, I am working this in group, so maybe I can just talk to them. Although I have no idea about what I should discuss with theeem.

That's another thing.

And now, I'm just wondering about my nearly End of Semester Test, considering my Mid-Test that aren't really make me satisfied, with Chemistry and Physics that still needs more attention (anyho, what kind of attention, eh? #kicked). I just feel like, oh my why does almost all of my classmates can get enough scores in all the subjects and I don't...?

Well. Whatever it is, I need to prepare myself. For anything. *sighed

Some more, I am currently thinking about a blast of an original fiction. I'm already wrote a few lines in my notebook but to continue it again, I still don't have the point, where will I make that story go. What a phatetic.

Out of that, I still can't be spared with music... (who could, anyway?)
But although I'm already proclaimed myself that I REALLY LOVE ADAM YOUNG'S MUSIC #throwned...
Apparently, I am in the mood of some The Script's (Breakeven, Nothing, The Man Who Can't Be Moved---For me they have a rather really saad song but they made it really...different and not mellow that I really liked it :D), some piece of Anime Soundtrack (Faith-Ruppina, Yellow Moon-Akeboshi, Konna ni Chikaku de-Crystal Kay...) , and I'm still wanting to explore Instrumental music, because I have not much of it. Maybe the most notables instrumental that I have until now are My Memory (Winter Sonata OST-violin and piano), I Know (OST Boys Before Flowers-saxofon. Oh my am I already tell you that I LOVE SAXOPHONE although I can't play it?), and... uhm... I think that's it. So I need some suggestions of where I can FREELY download instrumental songs? I need some relaxing and peaceful touch now LOL

Yuppa night is growing late and I think I have enough un-important rambling here.


achie said...

hihihi.. banyakkk tugas yaaaaaaa.. ah jd kangen sekolah akuu :D

Risa Primawestri said...

Hha iya begitulah ^^

menyebalkan tapi itu harus dijalani demi ke depan yang baik^^ LOL

Terima kasih mampirnya kak! :D