Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Hey, just trying to snag here for a while and publish these tow-loovely-surprisingly-awards from dearest(s) Ayyuki and Sari :*

the left one is from Sari, and the right one is from Ayyuki :*

Actually I HAVE to name 15 bloggers to receive this Award, but but now really sorry I can't think more other than Sekar, Ru, Lalaaa... ah and evey and Ayyuki again for sure :*

...not that I'm saying I'm lazy though it's actually not that wrong
but really I just, hem, it took a really long time to think and to blablabla so I just thinkingg to give this to anyone who comment^^ it's quite a deal, don't you?

Besides, this blog is lack of comments and it's kinda making me umm... sad?

Once again, thanksomuch dears, really thankful for having this moment :*

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