Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Being Sticked

New classmates are really usual thing for me.
Don't get it wrong, anyway, but, hey the fact is... well life goes on and although you really enjoy your class, you have to move up to your next upper-class, right? Oftenly not with the mates you have now, they will be changed with new friends and persons.

The usual thing happens are most people gets sad when the new teaching year begin because it means that they're supposed to be learned with new classmates... those who are enjoy their classmates in their previous grade would feel un-easy to accept the fact that they MUST share classes with someone(s) new.

Usually (again) that feeling-session was started with a very warm (?) separation (?) party (?) ----> heck please I'm Indonesian who was trying to get International (?)... in the holiday before. Like my XI class, on the last-year holiday, my XI grade class; XI IPA 8: MESIU (Monster Euphoria Sewelas IA Wolu. Translated: Eleven Science Eight Euphoric Monsters) went to Jogja for two days one night and we were... well, share the last warm class-moment and so on.

Oh, about the separation event (?) I attended, well, I would say that it was not bad and I was really enjoying it. We firstly went to the Baron Beach, then Kukup Beach... and subhanallah I really think that Kukup Beach are so nice with it's unique coral surface you can see and feel (?) in the edge of the beach, moreover the beach was not really crowded, so I think I enjoyed it much! LOL. Here's some photos taken there by my friend Dita :D, I only post the photos when we're in the beach, of course not all of it, tee-hee.

MESIU-baron beach

MESIU-kukup beach1

MESIU-kukup beach3

MESIU-kukup beach4

MESIU-kukup beach5

pantai kukup

tepi pantai kukup

See the coral?^^

Another visit on my separation party, well, not really new places; sort of Malioboro and merchandise shop. Skip that but I think it was my very different Jogja trip, as I'm doing that with my friends. (yeah I am oftenly go there, Jogja; with my family because my aunt lives there...).

Back to what I've been blabbed (?) from the beginning. well, new classmates. After a nice-warm-I-don't-want-this-to-end separation event, of course life and school continue. When new school-year comes, the new classes announced, not everyone happy with their new class. It’s like OMG why I was in the same class with that bloody-smart, or with that cheesy, boring one lalala. LOL, don’t try to judge me because well, you know that it’s not absolutely wrong as I AM a high-school students. Zip it! LOL.

My question about that, well, why do they make it so serious? We’re all supposed to be friends, no choosing friends because it is really so-last-centruy (note it, not so-last-year anymore, rite? LOL), and hey don’t get it too cinetronic (?), we’re still in the same school! We can still have that warm hellos, nice hang-out moment, although we’re not in the same class with who we’re used to be. And who knows that we might get a very nice new friends in our new class? Get real, keep move on, sun still shines upon you.

Skip for that motivating session *LOL, well, there’s also good news for the ones who could luckily being in the same class with their closest friend(s) in their previous class. Woo-hoo Alhamdulillah! Can life be any more beautiful? *LOL

With that case, well, I could only say congratulations with a very nice straightface. LOL.
About that case, too, anyway, I think I have some emotional-pourings about it.
In my current class, there’re also friends which is previously ALSO in the same class. Aren’t they just lucky?

But one thing I noted that, they’re already felt comfortable with the others, so that oftenly when I see them, although they ARE nice and kind, and a very enjoyable (?) friends, I can’t bare the fact that they’re already have their clicks to each other; which made them oftenly felt enough to be just being around with each other. They have that clicks that they can keep.

They’re already close to each other before, so, maybe, why they should ‘explore’?

It’s not that I’m saying, they’re not blend with others, oh, of course they blend VERY nicely… but well, maybe it just me, could you believe… #throwned #getting-out-of-topic-by-singing-randomly

Well, for me, for what I see, however they ALREADY being a VERY nice new classmates for me, I don’t think I could be closer to the edge them because I don’t think I could get along with what they’re talking, discussing, or joked at… duh, I don’t know. They’re seems to be so comfortable with what they’re now, seems like they don’t need any other…

…or hey, maybe, well, it just me who aren’t blend nicely with what I have now…?

Concepts of friendship, how I oftenly find myself, doubting it. Maybe it’s because I’m not THAT easy to make friends.

Well, welcome to the world, dear. Accept the imperfects of your life, for only the cowards who wish for a perfect life :’)
(yeah, ‘2’ is a very GREAT book!)

Well again, me, being disarmed and just told you my feeling, signing out for now. Keep fighting, be brave for your life, and enjoy your class, love your friends (:

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