Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strength to Move on

I remember that I already move on.. just like the life, that goes on.

I know it's too selfish if I wish them back to me. Because they have all the new life now.
I also have my new life now.

When I see them laughing now, walking together to someplace.
I know I can't be in that place again, beside them, laugh on their jokes, hear their problems.

It's hard for me if I keep insist them back. Because everything is already changed.
Although I know they don't change at me. They are still my best friends.
Just the things around us that has been changed.
Our life. Our problems. Our new friends.

Sometimes if my mind was flue away to that sweet past time, with them.
I can't deny that I hope they'll come back, they'll be close to me again.
Just like before.

But my realistic-side always reminds me
that I should keep stand, that I should waking up from that dream
and start to walk towards the future.
And it reminds me that I shouldn't be that selfish.
wishing them to always in my side, because we already changed.

Then I realized that maybe although everything has already changed,
they'll always know me, they'll remember me.
Just like I remember them.
They never be totally leave me.
We're changed.
But, we're still like before.
We always be best friends.

It's not easy to keep move on when some piece of your heart are left in the past
but of course we're strong enough to move on.
We can't let ourselves trapped in the past.
Because the past is never come back.
The past can only be remembered,
so we can always move on.
Because we remember our past.
Bad, good past are same, they make us learn

that we always have a chance to be a better human. with a better life.
we need to keep in faith. and we'll have the strenght to move on.


Hey, I'm on the way of following AFS, a student exchange program. I hope I can go to Japan, to replace my mother and sister, to make new experience in the land where Kakashi was born from the hands of Masashi Kishimoto. I hope you wish me well. And I hope me and all my friends who join it can get the best for us.

This is it. keep your faith, anyway. I wish you well :)

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