Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spare Time For Me

So, what are you do in the spare time? For me as a homey-girl haha, I merely like to spend it in my home rather than 'outside the door', although that also offers another fun too (fresh air, free-boring-potention, whatever). If I spend my spare time (like holidays or weekend) outside my home, I like to enjoying my time in a bookstore, music-store and culinary tourism hahahaha. I'm not a shopping-holic altough it's necessary, I will shop if I need it. Otherwise I'm not a good 'selector' in finding a good clothes, good shoes, good bags, etc.

Hm, I have some holidays next week, 4 days because the twelve grader has School Exam, or School Test? hm. My sister who take the exam, so I wish she can do it well. Oh, almost forgot to tell you, that my sister are accepted in UNDIP (Diponegoro University) in Science of Nutrition Facculty. Whoa, Alhamdulillah she made it..

Okay back to our main topics, actually I just want to share my spare time spending method (which I do it in HOME) to you, maybe you can suggest me more? haha. so here we goes :
  1. I really enjoying the activity of reading. I just need a good spaces (oftenly my room), good books that I love, and also lots of free-time. I can spent so much time to read, because it's one of my true love. When I read, I always 'fuse' myself to the book I read, like I was the characters. hahaha
  2. As a music-lover (who doesn't?) I also likes to enjoying musics from my tracks in my cellphone, with a help from my headset. Usually I do this too when I enjoying my books. But if I want some more relaxation I only need to lie in a cozy place (my bed, the sofa) and absorb the musics I listened. Sometimes if I do that, I also can feel the emotion of that songs in my own way, haha. I currently enjoying Owl City's, Adhitia Sofyan's, and much more. FYI I am a genre-friendly-people, if a rock song seems can be enjoyed by my ears and heart, I will put it as one of my tracks..
  3. Technology once again helps me spend my spare time. I like to watch TVs, but not oftenly, only if the show runned is the shows that I love. Alhamdulillah my parents subscribed cable TV, so I can have a wider-shows-range. I like to watch CSI (NY, Miami, Vegas), Heroes, Wipeout, SpongeBob Squarepants, cool movies that runned in HBO, etc.
  4. Besides TV, the computer and laptop also can kill my boredom. I like to surf the internet by my computer to blogging (of course!), download new songs or pictures, read new Naruto manga from OneManga, searching info for assignments, and some social-networking browse (Facebook, Twitter, Plurk). But for the last mentioned, I'm starting to bored of doing online social-networking....
  5. My laptop are a true sidekick for me if I want to play games.. currently I 'm still in progress of playing Chocolatier 2 : Secret Ingredients (it's truely more difficult than Chocolatier, everything is expensive, but I love the wider ports that this game has, Jakarta included). my fave game in the laptop is Jojo's Fashion Show, Agatha Christie : Peril at The End House, and Chocolatier.
  6. I also like to write. I have a purple Disney notebook (that I win in a magazine quiz, alhamdulillah..) to spread some words. I'm not really great in writing short story, but I like to write some of my thoughts and 'story' in a shorter form (maybe it's called poem but I'm not a poetic person). hahaha.
  7. Last but not least, it's truely enjoyable for me to have some 'Art of Doing Nothing' like Trinity (Naked Traveler) says. just scrumble myself in my bed, talking and joking with my siblings :)
  8. Spending time with my parents and siblings in parents room or in the living room is also good for me. Maybe with watching TV, watching movies, very fun!
  9. etc.
Yep, that's all. maybe it's not a lot, but I really enjoying that!! The point is to spend your time with doing what you really love :)

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