Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do You Think It'll Be Easy?

I was in the past when I still looked at you
and I tried to decode your unsure words
I was in a shame
I don't know if it maybe because of you

I was in a silence in all those times
when I also trapped in your unsure silence
believe me I regret that
to become so arrogant to you in all those times
It was so difficult even to say hi

I always saw you in your youthful desire
as you exploring your own desires as you grow up
I know I'll always looked at you
like all those time
looking at you, with no sure purpose

Young Man, it's not easy being in such a position
as a sensitive person like me
who was easy to feel shame, feel sorry about anything
I was just thinking are you really think it'll be easy for you?
Do you?

So you just came to me and say you know me
to then act like nothing happen
like we never speak to each other before
do you think it'll be easy?

Avenged Sevenfold helmet, you know I'll not bother you anymore
now as I separate myself from all the connections
I'm quite sure I'll never looked at you
or feel sorry about all this ignorance that blows around us
in all those times

I'll say this like what Plain White T's sings in Hey There Delilah
although that song has no correlations between us
but I found some good words to say to you
with a little lyric-alteration

"One more years and you'll be done with school,
and I'll be making history like I do
You can do whatever you want to..
Hey there Young Man here's to you,
this one's for you.."

(here's the original lyrics, I type this to prevent any misunderstanding, besides, it's a great song too! :
two more years and you'll be done with school
and I'll be making history like I do
you know it's all because of you
we can do whatever we want to, hey there Delilah here's to you
this one's for you..")

what is it that's for you? I don't know, maybe my apologize,
and my hope to a better story between us.
even I never know what are you think about our 'relationship' in all those times
but it's going to and end..


and just for some live-updates in my life, Alhamdulillah my sister are accepted in Gadjah Mada University too! but she already take a decision to continuing her building of dreams in Diponegoro University. I just hoping the best for her. And I hope me and my brother can also get the same ease as her in continuing study, and then we're all can together spread our knowledge for a credit to our parents, family, nations, and religion.
yeah it'll not be so that easy.. but we must try! Non mollare mai!

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