Saturday, June 05, 2010

Updates. What Else?

Okay. Don't stare at me like that.

Haha. I realized that it's soo long time since my last update. What I must say? I am a student. A Teens, with all the troublesome things that the Teens have. School, assignment, books, music, and acne (the last three is happen to me).

So as I finally get the mood to post something here. But don't consider it as I don't feel sorry. It was bad that I leave my cozy-blog for too long time, and for all the visitors, yep wait me to revisit you back, I'll do it. But maybe not tonight. I wonder if maybe this is the cause of my... low-visitors blog. Okay, maybe I will tell you about my latest update in my life, haha.

1. Now I have a new addiction. Maybe its not a really good updates, but whatever. Now I have an addiction for Fanfiction, I join in here. and here's my authors profile. its like, writing fiction story about already-existed story /books/anime/game,etc. that you like. You don't need to make new characters, you only need to expand and express your imagination so you can make a story of that characters. Blah. I know this explanation are inappropriate. But you always have Granny Google and Uncle Yahoo and Mister Wiki to ask, okay.
2. Hmm, well, its June, and I have a final test that determines me to pass or not into the Eleventh Grade. Oh, it will be a heavy two weeks. And it will end on next Saturday, with Physics as it subject-closing. Great. But I have to keep in faith. Hah, its not an easy test for me of course. Since I am easily distracted from studying to read Percy Jackson. and with The Sims 3 PC that my sister and my brother currently playing. Oh how lucky they are, as a graduated student. Wish me well.
3. Alhamdulillah. I passed the first test of AFS. Yeah, its kind of unbelievable for me, at first, because its my friend who told me, and I'm still in Jakarta when she tell me last week. I really feel thankful for that. And tomorrow I'll have the second test, interview. I wish that I will get my best. Oh, and I'll check that First Test announcement now.`to make sure.
4. Owl City sure has a great blog : . the post is interesting as his music, and I really wait the next album, or maybe his show in Indonesia. Don't you know that Owl City will take a tour with Maroon 5 (that I like because they have 'She Will Be Loved') and John Mayer?
5. Now I like to read this series : The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Oh, I love to learn mythology.. you should read them too. Recommended from me.
6. I have my first download-song-from-cellphone in, like, last week. I downloaded Nothing On You - B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars. It really costs A LOT. I think that's my last time too. But hey, that song is great and I like what Bruno sings in that song...
7. and, I am finally speechless now.

So, I guess its what I can tell you now. Honestly someday I wish I can post something with picture, but I hate it when it comes to format the layout. I am really not a hi-tech type. Well, wish me well pals, because I wish you well.

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