Sunday, September 11, 2011

Keeping Memories ;)

Ied Mubarak and it's following holiday; that's the keyword, people. LOL

Aside of the late greets for that, I hope we can be pure (:
It's been a hectic days for this blog to be updated, though actually I want to post something here, making sure it's keeped.

About my last holiday, that already last. I felt very grateful for every moment I spent on my last vacation, and I guess next time I will tell the details. What I felt so thankful and grateful are the fact that Allah had gave me a very special graceful opportunity so I can go to Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Flyer, and SAW VOYAGE DE LA VIE FOR REAL, BBY! #throwned

For me it's like close to miracle, to have taht very moment (: I know that for some people, maybe my last-mentioned experience are-not-so-surprising, but please do understand that I don't care about that. LOLs #kicked

It was amazing, really.

I do hope I can share those memories here, but I think to post it in this day or in following week are not really wise because I wil start my Formative Test on next week, with Chemistry and Javanese as the appetizer ;p

Will be seen here soon! :D

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