Saturday, April 02, 2011

This Is Not a Goodbye

Been so long, eh?

and here I am, back to change the way things are named here, somehow.

Inspired by a line from Coldplay, from their song, Low--I finally decided to change the name of this 'place' as perfect symmetry.


May be because in these times I am oftenly wishing an equality, balance in my life. In how I live, what I'm doing.

Sometimes---oftenly, I mean, I wanted to get a perfect symmetry in all things in my life.

How I wanted to keep studying while I also wanted to learn in being an author, and doing some photo-edits... LOLs.

Sometimes I found myself are getting lost, and over drowning in one side.
Sometimes I can't focus on being balanced.
So here I am, trying to express them all, how I wanna show my life as a struggle to a perfect symmetry.

...heh, just googled and found out that it's also the name of Keane's album.
Oh, whatever =))

And, to think about this place's last names, before-- Anything Notable. I guess this is a new point of view from it. Nah, I'm not saying that I really changed the way everything appears here.

everything in my life are notable, but my life is a struggle of finding a perfect symmetry :)

Good day, night crawlers ;)

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