Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bonne Année !

It is the fireworks that I first see in 2010. And also the lights of Semarang at night, with all the other fireworks sets to welcoming the new year. I also can feel my bigger thanks and love to God for letting me stand there, in the highest point in Semarang, at the Skyline Gumaya Tower Hotel, with my beloved persons in the world, my family. I can hear the sound of un-melodic trumpets shouting, accompany the fireworks sparks in the sky. Then I embrace my whole family, saying "Happy New Year!" to all of them, then I kiss my father's cheek and kiss my beloved mother's hand. Well, it is a bit . . unusual, when I realize that hey! it's 2010!

The other people there still staring at the beautiful fireworks spark, it is a very beautiful scenery from up there. We can see all the lights in Semarang, all the fireworks sparks, all the stars above.. It's just like a dream.

I can't say a word when my eyes captures the beauty from up there. It is sooo really beautiful.. I know I missed Spider-Man 3 that runs in the TV, but still, I don't feel so lose out, we can see Spider-Man 3 in other time, but such a beautiful fireworks like this? It's not a thing we can see everyday.

Besides, it's my first time celebrating happy new year outside home, I guess. Enjoying dinner,enjoying the band, celebrating with other people I don't know, but, it's great at all. Thanks to my parents for that.

I wish I can be better in this new year. I wish I can make my beloveds, especially my parents be proud of me. . I wish a better me. Amin.


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