Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going to Live In!!

Hello, Assalamu'alaikum my beloved visitors (if this blog is visited) and my blogger friends! After quite a long time I think I have something to tell u..

As you know, from 4th January my school begins the learning days of 2nd Semester. So it was such a little boring days to start over after a long days of holiday
(if 2 weeks are long days hehe) . My minds and soul aren't really into school yet.. I still missing the holly holidays! Haha. But of course, slowly but sure I can finally focus with days-of-school activity :)

But apparently my school will held an event called 'Live In', it is a program when we, the 10th grades of SMAN 3 Semarang went to some villages in Patean, Kendal to experienced the village-activity in 4 days. There are quite a lot of vilage-destination, such as Selo Village, Mlatiharjo Village, Pakisan Village, and Plososari (it's the village where I will be live in) and maany more. Each village will be placed by two classes, for example X-11 will live in the same village with X-5 at Plososari Village.

There, in each village, we will be placed in one house with our raise-family, and follow their daily activity and help them do their task. One house is placed by two students of SMAN 3 and I paired with my X-6 friend Annisa MP . . Our raised-parents job is a farmer, so we will help them in the rice-field, or something like that. it will be great!

I think living in a vilage will be so fun! Because there we will find the fresh air and great views, and many new experience, but of course there's some things to be worried about, one of them is the bathroom. Yep, of course it will be different with our own bathroom in home! But I will face it as a new experience, I hope it will enrich me, so I will be MORE thankful than before to Allah because of all the grace I have until now :)

Then, my other big anxiety is my parents. Honestly my parents are still worrying me when I join this such event, when I must go to far places, sort of. I afraid they will risk themselves by visit me there. Of course they know I'm quite a big girl now, but still they're my parents at all. The regulations of Live In says that the students aren't allowed to be visited or picked with their family/relatives, I'm afraid my parents aren't 'understand' even I already told them that they don't need to visit me in the village. I feel a little worry if they visit me it will causing not-good-prejudice among the other Live In participants, because I'm already placed with my raised-family and of course they will take care of me (and my live In partner) while we're in the Village.. I hope they will understand, that I'm not such a crybaby-child anymore. I know maybe the conditions in my raised-family's house will be SO different with my home, but I can understand that. I will face whatever waits there (both the living situations and The Great Scenery! hehe), and I hope I can be a better human after I join the Live In.

Otherwise, I'm still thinking of what gift I should give to my raised-parents? My home-partner says that maybe she'll give a sarong, so maybe I can give a sajadah or what.. I will consider it again.

Oh my, I forget to tell u the dates! It will be held this week, starts on Saturday, 16th January until Tuesday, 19th January 2010.. so maybe it will took a long time to me to post again. *if this blog has visitor..*

Okay that's all I want to tell you!! Wish me the best, friends! Love your life!


Awin Ryd said...

keren ni bahasa inggrisnya.. tukeran link ya... :)

Sari said...

Sekarang blognya pake bahasa linggis yak? *puyeng* :P

White_Angelzzz said...

terima kasih.. silakan dicek yah, sudah dimasukkan linknya..