Monday, May 23, 2011

This, on May...

Honestly, I am on absolute surprise that... Thursday is getting near.

There are my FINAL TEST in 11th Grade, and there are struggling hopes, to catch an OWL.

...above all that, I should do my best (:

but near... also my Mother's birthday ♥

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lance Sweets is Sweet! *LOL

Yea I'm currently.... (and still) addicting myself to this so-called-TV-series entitled B O N E S. Yay!

Not only the case and the story and the twist, of course to the cast cuteness, people! Though the love-relationship between Bones and Booth are looking steady as partner in season 6 (which is the season I'm watching currently), that's not that matter because the fun, like I've told you, is in the characters, especially the lovable one(s)!

To mention it all, it would be a bit long, so this is my top three: Wendell, Hodgins, and Sweets ♥ ♥ ♥

But this time, just let me share my adoreness to...
Our very special psychologist in this series ♥

credits to spud66cat on LJ
L a n c e
S w e e t s

credits to causticammo on LJ

Not only the appearance, his ability are also amaazing *LOL. He who could approach anything in a psychology side and give a huge step for a mystery-cracks! *LOL

...oh yeah, fangirling is never being a crime, pals. :3 I'll see you soon.

Just wish me luck on this May, for my Final Test and for getting an OWLCITY's All Things Bright and Beautiful Tour Ticket(s) in Jakarta :">

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bold the truth


Is blue, pink or purple.

Has a sofa.

Has a TV.

Has more than one mirror.

Has a whiteboard/corkboard.

Has many pictures of friends, family, etc.

Has posters of bands.

Has a desk or dressing table.

Has a playstation/Xbox/Wii.


You have Habbo Hotel account.

You have ever added someone on MSN from Habbo.

You have a Neopets account.

You have a Club Penguin account.

You have a Facebook.

You have a MySpace.

You have a Twitter.

You have uploaded a video to Youtube.

You are subscribed to at least one makeup guru on YouTube.


You have seen more than 10 Disney films.

You still have video tapes.

You have seen all the Harry Potter films so far.

You have seen the Sex In The City movie.

You have seen more than 3 Johnny Depp films.

You have seen the Spongebob Squarepants movie.

You have seen the Simpsons movie.

You like horror films.


You have broken a bone.

You have had surgery.

You have a younger sibling.

You have an older sibling.

You have a twin.

Your parents are divorced.

You live in a semi-detached house.

You live in a detached house.

You have owned a hamster or fish.


You have been abroad.

You have left the country.

You have been to the capital of the country that you live in.

You have been to a zoo.

You have stayed in a hotel/inn/B&B.

You have been camping.

You’ve stayed in a caravan.


You know what Year of the zodiac you were born in.

You have had a horoscope prediction come true.

You have wanted a horoscope to come true.

You have wished on a star.

You are religious. (hope so?)

You have wanted to re-live a moment.

You wish you could have done something differently.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Hey, just trying to snag here for a while and publish these tow-loovely-surprisingly-awards from dearest(s) Ayyuki and Sari :*

the left one is from Sari, and the right one is from Ayyuki :*

Actually I HAVE to name 15 bloggers to receive this Award, but but now really sorry I can't think more other than Sekar, Ru, Lalaaa... ah and evey and Ayyuki again for sure :*

...not that I'm saying I'm lazy though it's actually not that wrong
but really I just, hem, it took a really long time to think and to blablabla so I just thinkingg to give this to anyone who comment^^ it's quite a deal, don't you?

Besides, this blog is lack of comments and it's kinda making me umm... sad?

Once again, thanksomuch dears, really thankful for having this moment :*